Engine Fuel Indicating


Có 3 thông số phải quan tâm liên quan đến hệ thống Fuel của Engine : Fuel Flow , Fuel Filter Clog và Fuel Temperature.

  1. Fuel Flow

The fuel flow transmitter signal is fed to the FADEC which processes it and transmits the information to the ECAM system for display.

The fuel flow transmitter is installed in the fuel line between the fuel metering unit and the fuel distribution valve. It is mounted on the lower left-hand side of the fan case, rearward of the LP/HP fuel pump.

2. Fuel Filter CLog

The pressure switch is bolted to the fuel filter housing and connects to ports in it.The switch is in two housing held together with screws. One housing contains a bellows and the other a switch.The bellows housing is connected to the fuel supply with two ports.

The bellows and bellows housing are each filled with fuel at the pressure of the system. The pressure in the bellows and bellows housing is thus the same so the bellows do not move. If the filter element gets clogged or not fully clogged, the filter inlet pressure will increase. This will cause the bellows to extend. At the pressure set point the bellows will extend sufficiently far to push the lever and close the switch contacts. The switch will then transmit a message signal of a clogged filter to the cockpit.

3. Fuel Temperature.

Thông số này không hiển thị trên ECAM , tuy nhiên thông số này cũng rất quan trọng khi EEC sẽ sử dụng nó , cùng với thông số của ENG OIL , IDG FCOC OIL để quyết định hoạt động của Fuel cấp cho hệ thống Heat Management System (HMS).

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