NO. 4 Bearing Indicating System


The purpose of the No.4 bearing indicating system is to monitor the correct operation of the No.4 bearing 2-position scavenge valve and to detect a No.4 bearing carbon-seal failure.

  • Monitor correct operation of No4 Bearing 2-position scavenge valve.
  • Detect No4 Bearing carbon-seal failure

The No.4 bearing pressure transducer is installed on the right side of the de-oiler and senses pressure at the No.4 bearing outlet line .

No.4 Bearing Scavenge Valve Position Indicator.The position indicator is integral with the No.4 bearing scavenge valve which is located in the No.4 bearing compartment scavenge line.At engine low power, the valve is open and the switch closes providing a ground signal. At engine high power, the valve closes and the switch opens.

The EIU incorporates three logics allowing the monitoring of the scavenge valve operation as well as a No.4 bearing carbon-seal failure:

-When a No.4 bearing scavenge valve failure (stuck close or stuck open) occurs:

. an ECAM warning is displayed.

. an amber indication appears showing the position of the failed valve.

* The EIU elaborates a label used to set a message on the CFDS.

-When a No.4 bearing carbon-seal failure or a scavenge valve restrictor clogging occurs:

* A message appears on the maintenance part of the ECAM status page (activated at landing).

* The EIU elaborates a label used to set a message on the CFDS.

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